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Monday, July 21, 2008

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Hi Sharon,

Glad to see you doing O.K. Did you see this?:

Holter is not going to be allowed to sit as judge anymore, a win for all Northern Minnesota Voters and
Native Americans.

Just love Bobbys Blog If Nancy needs help in the non lawyer judge Sharon Scarrella has been there In re: Scarrella for Assoc. Justice 221NW2nd562, Published to Libel the citizenery contrary to Voting Rights Act
Blogger Nancy Lazaryan said...

city employee:
I went down to file as a candidate for judge, and the Secretary of State would not take my application.

It was filmed and aired on the TV show Inside Insight. The video will be posted on the web (probably this week). Federal lawsuit getting written against the state for denying me my right to run.

As far as stopping the St. Paul city council. Those pleadings WILL be served this week.

Bob will have the lawsuit(s)BEFORE the city does, and the minute the city is served, he can post the info on the web.

John-Krogstad Ethics Complaint against former Chief Justice Russell Anderson dtd.7/10/08

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By Ron Branson - National J.A.I.L. CIC
Below is a short blurb about protecting our California judges from the public. In order to gain the significance of their words, one must understand their buzz words, so I will translate the below for you. First off, Pete Wilson was a former Republican governor of California, and Gray Davis was the immediate former Democratic governor of California. So what we are seeing proposed here is the participation of
So J.A.I.L set out to shine the light of exposure of the judges and successfully brought them to the forefront of publicity. In those days search engines revealed no websites about judges with the exception one set up by the judges themselves complaining that they were being deprived of sufficient salaries to meet the excellent services they were providing the publicboth major political
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