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Sunday, January 2, 2011

MNCourtVideo's 2010

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Minnesota Supreme Court Oral Arguments - Videos
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DECEMBER 2010 | NOVEMBER 2010 | OCTOBER 2010 | SEPTEMBER 2010 (4 most recent months posted for browsing)

December 2010
Case Name &
Oral Argument Video Date Case Number Opinion Links
State v. Kuhlmann
12/7/2010 A090915

State v. Gaiovnik, a/k/a Gaiounik
12/7/2010 A090190

Fredrick Farms, Inc. v. County of Olmsted
12/6/2010 A101089

Western National Insurance Company v. Thompson, et al.
12/6/2010 A091506

State v. Ortega
12/2/2010 A100507

Staab v. Diocese of St. Cloud
12/2/2010 A091335

In re the Estate of: Patrick W. Butler, Deceased
12/1/2010 A091208

State v. Ferguson
12/1/2010 A100499

November 2010
Case Name &
Oral Argument Video Date Case Number Opinion Links
In re Petition regarding 2010 Gubernatorial Election 11/22/2010 A102022
Taylor v. LSI Corporation 11/10/2010 A091410
SCI Minnesota Funeral Services, Inc. v. Washburn-McReavy Funeral Corporation, et al.
11/9/2010 A090935

State v. Koppi
11/9/2010 A090136

State v. Johnson *
Welfare of: M.L.M *
*Consolidated for argument
11/8/2010 A090247

In re Discipline of LeTourneau
11/4/2010 A100247

State v. Cox
11/4/2010 A091861

State v. Gatson
11/3/2010 A100247

United Prairie Bank - Mountain Lake v. Haugen Nutrition & Equipment, LLC
11/3/2010 A090607

State v. Nissalke
11/2/2010 A091829

DeCook v. Rochester International Airport Joint Zoning Board
11/2/2010 A090969

Crossroads Church of Prior Lake v. County of Dakota
11/1/2010 A100859

State v. Borg
11/1/2010 A090243

October 2010
Case Name &
Oral Argument Video Date Case Number Opinion Links

State v. Bauer
10/13/2010 A081698

City of Cohasset v. Minnesota Power
10/13/2010 A090572

State v. Martinez-Mendosa
10/12/2010 A092151

Latterell v. Progressive Northern Insurance Company, and AIG Insurance Company
10/11/2010 A091138

Vickla v. State
10/11/2010 A090830

In re Discipline of Garcia
10/6/2010 A090877

Tucker v. State
10/5/2010 A090666

Marriage: Angell v. Angell
10/5/2010 A090349

Martin v. Morrison Trucking, Inc., and Travelers Insurance Company
10/4/2010 A100446

State v. Hill
10/4/2010 A091947

September 2010
Case Name &
Oral Argument Video Date Case Number Opinion Links

Harlan Clark v. Tomas Reddick, et al.
9/13/2010 A101527

In re Discipline of Fett
9/2/2010 A091862

Graff v. Robert M. Swendra Agency, Inc.
9/1/2010 A090173

Miller v. Lankow, et al.
9/1/2010 A090244

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