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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Justice in Minnesota Conference Call Featuring Judicial Candidates

Justice in Minnesota Conference Call Featuring Judicial Candidates

Host Name:
Minnesota Tea Party Patriots
Show Name:
Justice in Minnesota Conference Call Featuring Judicial Candidates
Date / Length:
6/27/2010 7:00 PM - 2 hrs 1 min
2 hrs 1 min
Description:h:112443 s:1120653 Wersal, Tim Tinglestad, & Dan Griffith, & guests 6:55 PM: Pre-Conf. Call Greetings & Announcements. Pre-Conf. Moderator: Dorothy Fleming 7:05 PM: Start. Moderator: George Wu, SD41, CD3 Co-Moderator: Candace Oathout, SD45 Chair, CD's 3 & 51. Greg Wersal, endorsed GOP, CPMN, & LP Judicial Candidate for 2nd seat, MN Supreme Court 2. Tim Tinglestad, endorsed GOP & CPMN Judicial Candidate for 6th seat, MN Supreme Court 3. Dan Griffith, endorsed GOP & CPMN Judicial Candidate for 14th seat, Court of Appeals 4. Judicial Reform & Accountability update: Dale Nathan. 5. Q & A: Callers and Judicial Candidates: 30 seconds, please. Weekly Conf. Calls ongoing: Sunday nites: 7 - 8 pm: Countdown Clock: 19 weekends left to Election Day, Nov. 2, 2010. 7. Next Conf. Call announcement: Note: No Conf Call, Sun., July 4th. Happy 4th of July, Folks! Hence, July 11th.... 8:00 pm: 8. Adjournment. 8:01 pm: 9. Post Conf. Call forum/discussion/Q & A. Moderator: Joe Salmon, SD56 Chair, Woodbury, MN Co-Moderator: Steve Ellenwood, SD56. 10: No time restraints, no time limits during Post Conf. Call forum for Callers and Judicial Candidates. Notes: 1. Suggestion: multi-task during Conf. Call. Ie: text, email, click on websites, research, schedule/plan activities. 2. Honor System:a) *6 Mute; *6 Unmute. Be courteous to all other callers; background noises from your phone is TOTALLY unnecessary and prevents other callers from enjoying the Conf. Call. b) If you wish to talk, announce yourself: Name and location, please. email me new names and addresses for CC invitations. C: 612-387-9399 or Text me. Call the conference directly: Dial-in Number: 1-270-696-2525 (East Coast) Access Code: 501618

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Abolish Judicial Immunity

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